What I can do when my passport is lost or stolen in China?

All of us knows that lost passport is a troublesome issue in a foreign country, and we suggest you to fix this in the following steps:

  1. Search your place again. Getting a new passport is not easy and free, especially in a country like China, which is strict on Foreign issues and requires lots of paperworks. Once it is reported lost, it is cancelled and no longer valid, and you’ll need a replacement. So search your place again might help out of all troubles.
  2. Visit local police station. Filing a simple statement attesting how the passport came to be missing. They’ll give you a stamped form that you’ll then need to take to your consulate in China.
  3. Visit the Embassy or Consulate. Visit Embassies and Consulates in China to find yours. Don't forget to check their office hours. Some of them need to make appointment. If you have any alternate forms of identification, take them with you (birth certificate, student ID, social security card, driver’s license, etc.).
  4. Update your Chinese visa. You pick up your new passport from your embassy or consulate, the next is to update your visa in Exit and Entry Administration and get your visa re-issued, as you must have one to exit China.
  • 1 passport photo;
  • a filled-out visa renewal form with your company or sponsoring institution’s chop (red stamp);
  • Registration Form of Temporary Residence (Click to see a sample), which you should get in 24 hours after you enter China.
  • The form issued to you by the PSB stating that you reported your passport lost or stolen
  • a stamped letter from your company or institution stating your business in China and the dates of your requested visa (unless you’re a tourist)
  • Copies of your old visa and/or passport, if you have them