Beijing Expat Service Center, BeijingESC for short, Established in early 2009, is a professional and registered consulting service company in Beijing, China. We are dedicated to provide you with useful information and services that will make your life easier when traveling, living, and doing business in Beijing, China.

We have cooperated with local law firms in relevent businesses, and our team is familiar with relevant Chinese laws, regulations and operations, we can bring you an effective and speedy service. We are dedicated to provide professional services and constructive suggestions for expats, who desire to do business, work, invest or reside in China.

We concentrate on helping the expatriates who living in Beijing city/ Peking city. Our one-stop services include Chinese company registration service, Chinese visa service, China driver license application, investment consulting, home-stay service and personal assistant service and etc.

Beijing Expat Service Center is well recognized by its numerous clients for its professional, speedy services, useful information and suggestions.

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We dedicate to make your life easier in Beijing, and would like to provide valuable infromation as Ways to access Internet in Beijing, Most trusted car rental companies in Beijing, Hospital with English speaking doctors, Chinese Public Holiday 2013, and Beijing Traffic Control - Tail Number Limits.


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