2016 China Business Visa

China Business Visa (M): Issued to foreigners who are invited to China for business activities, formerly called F visa.

If you enter into China on a Business visa with intention to stay beyond the validity period specified on the current visa, BeijingESC can assists you to extend your current China M visa. You can apply single-entry or multiple-entry Chinese Business visa for 1 time in China, according to the new China immigration law which came into force on 1st July 2013.

Processing time: 8 business days

More about China M Visa Extension:

  • Where the duration of stay needs to be extended, the visa holder shall file an application 7 days prior to he expiry of the duration specified in the visa.
  • The visa-issuing authorities are not required to give reasons for refusing he issuance of a visa.

If you are hired by a company registered in Beijing, we have the outsoucing service for China residence permit application.

For more information and help, please contact us.

You may submit the application to the Visa Office of the Embassy or Consulate which holds consular jurisdiction.

The regular processing time is 4 working days. In some country, it can be issued in the same day.

Required Documents of Chinese Tourism Visa Application:

  1. A valid passport as well as a copy of its information page: Your valid passport must have at least seven (7) months of remaining validity and at least one blank visa page in it.
  2. Application form
  3. Photo: one recent photo (Photo Requirements of Chinese Visa) glued or stapled on the application form.
  4. Business Card from an oversea company
  5. Invitation Letter from a China-registered company
  6. Business license from a China-registered company