Aliens may apply Chinese visa on arrival at Beijing airport, in cases of an urgent need to travel to China and a lack of time to apply for visas to the Chinese visa office abroad, for the following reasons:

  1. Being invited at short notice by the Chinese side to attend a trade fair in China;
  2. Being invited to China to enter a bid or to formally sign an economic or trade contract;
  3. Coming to China under contract for supervision over export shipment, import commodity inspection or checked on the completion of a contract;
  4. Being invited to install equipment or make rush repairs;
  5. Coming to China at the request of the Chinese side for settling claims;
  6. Being invited to China for scientific or technological consulting services;
  7. A last-minute replacement or addition, approved by the Chinese side, to a delegation or group that has been invited and has already obtained visas for traveling to China;
  8. For visiting a patient in a critical condition or making funeral arrangements;
  9. As persons in immediate transit who, because of force majeure, are unable to leave China by original aircraft within 24 hours or have to leave China by other means of transport;
  10. As other invitees who really do not have enough time to apply for visas to the above-mentioned Chinese agencies abroad but hold letters or telegrams from designated competent authorities approving the application for visas at port visa agencies.
  11. Tour groups organized and received by International Travel Agencies in China or the approved Hong Kong/Macao travel agencies.

Port visa offices shall not handle visa applications of aliens who do not come under the above-listed categories.

Foreigners normally are required to obtain a visa before they arrive in China. They are now allowed to apply on the website and get a visa upon arrival at Beijing Capital International Airport if they had to rush to China for an emergency matter.

Lin Song, Beijing Police Official, said those who arrive in Beijing at the invitation of a Chinese host for an emergency issue, can apply online and hand in paperwork at offices authorized by the Entry and Exit Department at Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 at the airport, where they can get an M or F visa. - Mar 7th 2016

From Mar 8th 2016, Beijing police accept online application for China visa on arrival .
The access of application system will be available to authorized company and organization. Click to see news about 2016 online system of Beijing visa application.

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Call visa office of your arrival city for direct instruction.


Visa office at Beijing Airport:

  • Office Address:
    • No. 32347, 3rd floor, International Arrival at T2
    • No. E5N103, 3rd floor, International Arrival at T3
  • Office Hour: Monday—Sunday, 24 hours
  • Hotline: +86 10 64590454 (T2) and +86 10 64532939 (T3)
  • Fax: +86 10 64590455 (T2) and +86 10 64532940 (T3)


Visa office at Luohu port:

  • Office Hour: 09:00 - 22:30
  • Hotline: +86-755 8232 7700


Visa office at Shanghai Pudong Airport:

Hotline: 021-31366100

Visa office at Shanghai Pudong Airport:

Hotline: 021-31366200

If you are in non-emergency situation, we suggest you to apply for Chinese visa through Chinese consulate in your place, as the oversea issued (not Chinese border issued) China visa will allow you to get the following visas without leaving China.