Below are the information on how to renew a Beijing Residence Permit. For Residence Permit application in Beijing city, please Check how to apply Beijing Residence Permit.

A. Documents required:

1. Release letter stamped by your present company (if change the company)
2. New company's business license (take original for show)
3. A copy of Certificate of Approval (if the new company is a WOFE); A copy of the Social Insurance Registration certificate (if the new company is a Chinese company - original certificate is required)
4. A copy of foreign enterprise registration certificate issued by PSB (not required if it is a Chinese company)
5. Application letter written by the new company and addressed to Labor and Social Security Bureau, explaining why they would like to employ you
6. Decision of the board of directors (If employing a Vice General Manager or a GM)
7. Resume Written by yourself (needs to be translated to Chinese if in a different language)
8. A copy of degree certificate (needs to be translated as well)
9. A copy of labor contract with the new company
10. Employment Registration Form of Foreign Employees - fill in Chinese
11. Visa and residence permit application form - fill in Chinese
12. 2-inch photos (Photo Requirements of Chinese Visa)
13. Passport
14. Alien Employment Permit
15. A copy of Temporary Form of Residence Permit (and original - just for show)
16. The Dongle issued by Beijing Labor's Bureau
Notes: Item 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 all need to be stamped with the company' seal.

B. Documents to be handed over after completion

  • Alien Employment Permit renewed
  • Residence Permit for work renewed (stuck on the visa page of your passport)