Beijing is on its way to be the international metropolis, it's hardly to find out the Mao suited Chinese now, and proletariat no longer bike to work each morning. Instead Beijing commuter scenes resemble what you'd see in any large metropolis. But Beijing is a city of many contrasts with gaps between rich and poor, orderly and chaotic, ancient and modern. It's also an exciting city undergoing rapid changes. Live in Beijing is no longer the exotic adventure it once was. Some mourn the changes, but most Beijing residents, including expats, welcome them.

Work, kids, schools, commute, there's so much to consider before relocating to Beijing. For expats moving to Beijing, the first step is to decide whether you want to take the plunge. The work may be exciting, but is a Beijing relocation right for you? If you're single, moving to Beijing is mostly about two things: your work and your play. But for families with kids, a Beijing relocation means you'll need to carefully research and plan your move.

When living and/or working in Beijing, Expats don't have the same level of access to the healthcare system as to the local population. Consequently, it is crucial to have some professional advice on how to choose the right expatriate health insurance in Beijing.

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This Beijing Expat Guide contains all the key things you'll need to know about moving to Beijing and living here.

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