According to the Chinese new immigration law, the Chinese Q visa is available from September 1, 2013. Overseas Chinese can expect to benefit from the change when they return to China for family reunions. Depending upon the duration of stay and applicants' classification, the Q visa is further divided into two subclasses: Q1 and Q2.

Chinese Q1 visa is issued to relatives of Chinese citizens applying to enter and reside in China for purposes of family reunion, and to those who apply for family reunion of foreigners with Permanent Residency in China, as well as to persons applying to enter and reside in China for foster care, adoption and other reasons; China Q2 visa is issued to relatives of Chinese citizens or foreigners with permanent residence in China for a short period of stay (less than 6 months).

China Q visa Q1/Q2 for Family Reunion 华人或海归2年多次180天每次Q2签证

China 1-year Multi-entry 180 days each entry Q2 visa issued in Hong Kong

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We can help foreign passport holder in different situations.
The Required Documents of China Family Visa are different as below:

Have Foreign spouse in China

Required Documents:

  1. Original passport valid for more than 7 months and a copy of the information page.
  2. 2-inch white-background passport photo (Photo Requirements of Chinese Visa) .
  3. Application Form (we can help, but need supporting documents 1 day in advance).
  4. For family reunion, invitation letter (we can help, but need supporting documents 1 day in advance) from a family member residing in China who is either a Chinese citizen or a foreigner with a Chinese permanent residence permit.
  5. Proof of family relationship (original and copy) such as Birth Certificate or Marriage Certificate, etc.
  6. Photocopy of spouse's passport (photo page and residence permit).

Visa Type: 6-month 2-entry 90 days each entry S2 visa.

Location: Hong Kong

Have Chinese Relative in China

Required Documents:

  1. Original Passport which has at least 1 Chinese visa on it
  2. White-background passport photo
  3. Application Form (we can help, but need supporting documents 1 day in advance)
  4. Photocopy of Chinese Family Member's ID Card
  5. Invitation letter from a family member (we can help, but need supporting documents 1 day in advance)

Visa Type: 2-year Multi-entry 180 days each entry Q2 visa.

Location: Hong Kong



  1. 护照原件(护照上要有过境外领事馆签发过的30天以上的中国签证)
  2. 1张2寸蓝底或白底彩照 (签证用2寸标准照)
  3. 香港入境电脑小票
  4. 签证申请表(提前一天提供资料代填写)
  5. 中国亲人的身份证正反面复印件
  6. 邀请信(提前一天提供资料代写)



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Process Time of Chinese Q Visa

4 working days: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Czech, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and France.

2 working days: Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Brunei, Australia, New Zealand, Andorra, Italy, Ireland, Slovakia, Dominica, Canada, the Bahamas, Peru, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Belize, Costa Rica, Honduras, Macedonia, Colombia Latvia, Hungary, UK, USA, Brazil, Mexico, Poland

Where to Apply for China Q Visa

Applicants should go to the Chinese embassy or consulates. Most Chinese embassies and consulates do not accept applications by mail. Please check the website of above diplomatic missions in advance to see if appointment is required.

We have colleagues who facilitate your China Q visa application in Hong Kong.

We can not help for people who visit China for foster-age and adoption, so the following information is only for reference.

Required documents:

  1. Foster entrustment notarization issued by Chinese Embassies/Consulates General in foreign countries or Foster Care Power of Attorney notarized and authenticated in the country of residence or in China.
  2. Original and photocopy of the consignor's passport(s), as well as the original and photocopy of certification (marriage certificate, birth certificate, certification of kinship issued by Public Security Bureau or notarized certification of kinship) notarized and authenticated certification showing the relationship between parents or guardians and children.
  3. A letter of consent for foster care issued by the trustee living in China who has agreed to provide foster care services and a photocopy of the ID of the trustee.
  4. A photocopy of the certificate indicating the permanent residence status abroad of the parent(s) when the child was born provided that either or both parents of the child are Chinese citizens.