No body want to get traffic ticket in Beijing China, especially expatriates, as that will take extra time and it's troublesome to pay Beijing traffic tickets.

But unexpected traffic ticket is inevitable. Beijing Expat Service Center provide free service for our clients who need to know whether they get traffic ticket by sending us an email with the following information: Chinese name on driving license and driving license number.

If you want to find out whether your car have traffic ticket in Beijing, please tell us your engine number and your license plate number, we will tell you the result in 24 hours.

Or you can find your status by visiting the official website of Beijing's traffic authority -

Features of Traffic Ticket Checking Service

  • Free of Charge
  • Through Email
  • We can check the status of driver and car.

If I got one, how can I pay for Traffic Violation Tickets?

I have run out my 12 points, can you help?


Pay Traffic Tickets Beijing China

If you got China traffic tickets more than 12 points, we have solutions.

Required Document

Vehicle License, see the sample of Chinese Vehicle License.

  Your 12 points will be kept on your driving license by using our service.

To know more about the 12-point system, please check our article - Chinese Traffic Law Amendments 2013 Brings New 12-point System

  If you need us to fix your traffic ticket problem, please check Chinese Traffic Ticket Types to see what kind of traffic ticket we can handle.