The Chinese written test contains 100 questions randomly selected from a question bank. In 45 minutes, you answer all the questions and you need to score 90 or more to pass.

The new question bank has not been published as it is the intention of the Ministry of Public Security that foreigners must learn the Chinese traffic regulations and understand the intention of the rules rather than memorize answers to questions.

We translated the Chinese question bank 2013 (latest) into English, but that doesn't mean the book use the same grammar and sentence as the questions in your written test.

Chinese driver's license textbook

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Caution: Our text book is NOT official version, but a translation of the new question bank 2013, the former 2007 Version will not help in your study for China Drivers License written test.

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China's driving license test Question set I

The main impact of the road conditions in icy and snowy weather is

A. The electric equipment can easily get wet and cause short circuit

B. The visibility is lower and the field of vision is blurred

C. The resistance to the vehicle increases

D. The road surface is slippery and the sunshine reflection is strong, which interferes with the driver’s view

When driving in icy and snowy weather, ________.

A. The braking distance becomes longer

B. The resistance to slide becomes larger

C. The road grip becomes stronger

D. The braking performance does not change

The main impact of muddy roads on safe driving is _________.

A. The resistance to the vehicle becomes weaker

B. The tires can easily spin and skid

C. The visibility become lower and blurs the field of vision

D. The road grip becomes stronger

The special lanes in the yellow broken lines in the picture are exclusively for the use of certain types of vehicles and other types of vehicles may use them for overtaking or running a long distance.

Chinese driver's license exam

The sign in the picture means ______.

Road sign in drive test

A. Bridge widens

B. Bridge widens on both sides

C. Narrow bridge

D. Hump bridge

China's driving license test Question set II

If a motorized vehicle registration or a driving license is obtained by deception, bribery or other illegal means, the vehicle registration or the driving license should be revoked and the applicant is not allowed to re-apply for motorized vehicle registration or driving license within ______.

A. 1 year

B. 2 years

C. 3 years

D. 5 years

_______ should open its tow inquiry phone number and notify the parties through signs or in other ways.

A. The police station

B. The transport department

C. The traffic control department of the public security organ

D. The department in charge of municipal administration

The illegal devices the traffic police may confiscate are _________.

A. The deformed front bumpers of motor vehicles

B. The illegally installed sirens and indicator lamps

C. The added interior audio devices

D. The deformed rear bumpers of motor vehicles

When the braking drum of a vehicle becomes too hot while running down a long slope, the driver _______.

A. Should drive the vehicle into water as fast as possible for cooling

B. Should never drive the vehicle into water immediately for cooling

C. May sprinkle water for cooling

D. Should pay no attention