Beijing is a metropolis which has 5.37M cars by the end of 2013. So the traffic condition is getting worse and worse. If you are driving car for daily work, you are suffering the pain from being trapped in traffic Jam. Getting a China Motorbike Driving License will ease this problem for you and save you a lot of times.

Procedure of  getting Chinese Motorbike License - the 2014 Version.

  1. Health Check. Visit the duly authorized health check center (normally in medium-size hospital), We suggest you to take the one near Bajiao Youleyuan Station of Line 1.
  2. Get Enrolled in Motorbike Driving School.  Laoshan Training School is the only one which can take foreign students.
  3. Pass the theory test at Traffic Bureau - the Chinese DMV
  4. Pass the road test at the test yard in school.

Required documents for Chinese Motorbike License.

  • Original passport with 2 photocopies.
  • 2 copies of your current visa (valid for at least three months)
  • Registration Form of Temporary residence  from local police station.
  • 5 1-inch photos of you (white background)
  • Health check report
  • Application form to be filled on site

Normally you will need to wait 1 year after you got your Chinese Car Driving License. We can help you to avoid this 1-year limitation in certain situation.

From the 1st Jan 2013, foreigners need to pass the theory test (set for Chinese Motorbike Driver's License) in Chinese.

Looking for information about getting China Driving licnese, please check Chinese Driver's License Services in Beijing.

Please check the age requirements of Chinese driver's license to see whether you are qualified for application.