(Approved by the State Council on 13 December, 2003 and promulgated by virtue of Decree No.74 of the Ministry of Public Security and Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 15 August, 2004)


Article 1. This set of regulations is formulated in line with the related provisions of the Law of the Peoples Republic of China on the Administration of Entry and Exit of Foreigners and its rules of implementation to standardize the examination and approval of permanent residence of foreigners in China.

Article 2. The permanent residence of foreigners in China refers to that the period of foreigners' stay in China is not limited.

Article 3. Certificate of Permanent Residence of Aliens is the legitimate identity card of aliens having obtained permanent residence in China and may be used independently.

Article 4. Aliens having obtained permanent residence in China enter and leave China on the strength of their valid passports and the Certificate of Permanent Residence of Aliens.

We heard about the change of China visa policy and regulation at the end of May 2013. And we suggested our clients to get long term visa via our Hong Kong solution. Now we inform our clients and website visitors, the Hong Kong long term visa solution is not the same as before.

  The content of Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China.

Here we divided this article into 3 blocks, see UK government's report, China's new visa rules & our solutions as below.

Hong Kong Immigration Department will no longer stamp passports of arriving visitors with effect from today March 19th, 2013. All arriving visitors at immigration control points will be issued with landing slips instead of stamps in their travel documents. Taiwan residents as well as Macau Smart Permanent Identity Card holders known already this procedure since the landing slip is the same that they currently use.

The landing slip will bear the visitor’s English name, travel document number, arrival date, conditions and limit of stay in Hong Kong. Upon departure, no slip will be issued and the travel document will not be stamped. Visitors are required and should keep the slip during their stay. In case the landing slip is lost, visitors can visit the Extension Section on the 5/F of the Immigration Department Headquarters for a free replacement.

Hong Kong Landing Slip Replace Passport Stamping

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