Here’s a little more information on the possible consequences of getting caught driving under the influence of alcohol in China.

China has been cracking down on drinking and driving with increasing force for much of the past decade. It still remains a problem, but the police in many cities have visibly made efforts to deter drivers from taking the chance. 

According to China's new traffic regulations which introduced in 2013, a driver is over the legal limit if the alcohol content in their bloodstream exceeds 20mg/100ml. If the alcohol content exceeds 80mg/100ml, they are considered to be “drunk driving.” Being over the limit while driving is obviously a breach of the law, but drunk driving is considered a criminal act. 

Drivers who drink and drive will have 12 points added to their driving license, their license will be confiscated by the traffic bureau for six months, and the driver will be fined in the region of 1,000-2,000 RMB. 

Drunk drivers will have their driving license suspended, serving a 5-year ban before they can apply for a new license, and they will be jailed and/or fined after being tried in court.

If you have China traffic tickets more than 12 points, please contact us for details.

Foreigners can not drive in China with International driving license/permit, in this case, you need to convert your foreign license into Chinese one. We are willing to help in the application of China Provisional Driving License and Formal Driving License in Beijing.