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Created on 2010/08/20, Updated on 2010/09/17

The China Visa policy is changed frequently, now it's not easy to renew F Visa and L Visa without leaving China, compared with 2months ago. We have worked out a way to help you in current situation, F Visa Renewal or L Visa Extension without leaving China. Our express (here means emergency) visa service provides another Visa solution for you to get a visa , if you are REJECTED by other China Visa Agency, don't give up.


Your China Visa is valid till 10th Oct.

Turn over your passport to initiate the visa application procedure 10days before the expiring date of your China visa.

Required Documents :

  1. Your passport with valid visa.
  2. 4-inch White-background photos.
  3. Registration Form of Temporary Residence. (What's Temporary Residence Form?)
  4. Health Check Certificate. (Where to Get Health Check Certificate?)


Brief Contact Information

24/7 Hotline
0086 189 1161 3371
Service Email
Not work on the Weekends & Public Holidays, click to see more.