As China is divided into provinces, followed by cities, followed by districts, the local Public Security Bureau of each Chinese city is only in charge of issuing the No Criminal Record (Police Clearance) Certificate to the foreigner who had lived there previously. In other words, there is no central government department which issued such document for the whole time in China.

Each municipal/provincial Public Security Bureau only has jurisdiction over its own territory; you must provide a police certificate for every territory in which you have lived.

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We can help foreigners to get China No Criminal Record (Police Clearance) Certificate for their time in China, but we get the No Criminal Record (Police Clearance) Certificate for our clients from each city they lived in before.

So in the end you will get 3 No Criminal Record (Police Clearance) Certificates, instead of 1 certificate.

  Chengdu PSB (Public Security Bureau) don't ask foreigners to visit Chengdu personally for police clearance anymore, from Jan 1st 2017, our service is available in Chengdu city.

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