Travelers will be asked to post a deposit prior to admission to cover the expected cost of treatment. Hospitals in major cities may accept credit cards for payment. Even in the VIP/Foreigner wards of major hospitals; however, expat patients have frequently encountered difficulty due to cultural and regulatory differences. Physicians and hospitals have sometimes refused to supply expat patients with complete copies of their Chinese hospital medical records, including laboratory test results, scans, and x-rays.

Ambulances do not carry sophisticated medical equipment. Injured or seriously ill Beijing expats may be required to take taxis or other immediately available vehicles to the nearest major hospital rather than waiting for ambulances to arrive. Generally, in rural areas, only rudimentary medical facilities are available, often with poorly trained medical personnel who have little medical equipment and medications. Rural clinics are often reluctant to accept responsibility for treating foreigners, even in emergency situations.

Raffles Medical, formerly International SOS, provides comprehensive medical and dentistry services delivered by a highly trained and specialized team of healthcare professionals. The clinic belongs to the Raffles Medical Group, a leading medical group in Singapore that was founded in 1976. Languages spoken include English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish and Japanese.


For medical emergencies anywhere in mainland China, expats can call the International SOS, Ltd., 24-hour "Assistance Center" in Beijing at telephone (86)(10) 6462-9100 or in Shanghai at (86)(21) 5298-9538 for advice and referrals to local facilities. International SOS Alarm Centers can also be contacted in Hong Kong at telephone (852) 2428-9900.

Bayley & Jackson Beijing Medical Center

#7 Ritan Dong Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100020
(86)(10) 8562-9998 Fax: (86)(10) 8561-4866

Beijing United Family Hospital and Clinics

#2 Jiang Tai Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100016
(86)(10) 6433-3960 Fax: (86)(10) 6433-3963
Emergency Hotline: (86)(10) 6433-2345

Beijing United Family Clinic – Shunyi

Pinnacle Plaza , Unit # 818, Tian Zhu Real Estate Development Zone,
Shunyi District, 101312
(86)(10) 8046-5432 Fax: (86)(10) 8046-4383

Peking Union Medical Hospital

1 Shuai Fu Yuan, Dong Cheng District, Beijing 100730
Tel: (86)(10) 6529-5269(registration and information);
(86)(10) 6529-5284 (24 hours); (86)(10) 6529 6114 (operator)
Modern Facilities with English speaking staff. Separate ward for foreign patients.

Raffles Medical, formerly International SOS
Address: Suite 205, Wing 1, Kunsha Building, 16 Xinyuanli, Chaoyang district
Open 7 days a week 8am-8pm
Clinic Appointments: (010) 6462 9112 Dental Clinic: (010) 6462 0333

Beijing Vista Clinic

Kerry Center Shopping Mall No. 1 Guanghua Road Chaoyang District Beijing 100020, China
Tel: + 86 10 6594 5129 Fax: + 86 10 6594 5129

Global Doctor Beijing Clinic

Beijing Friendship Hospital No. 95 Yong'an Road Xuanwu District Beijing, China
Tel: + 86 10 8315 1915

Hong Kong International Medical Clinic - Beijing

9/F Office Tower, Hong Kong Macau Center 2
Chao Yang Men Bei Da Jei Road Chao Yang District Beijing 100027, China
Tel: + 86 10 6501 2288 Fax: + 86 10 6502 3426

International Medical Center

(IMC) Beijing Office Building S106, Kempinski Hotel Beijing Lufthansa Centre
No. 50 Liang Maqiao Road Beijing 100016 China
Tel: + 86 10 6465 1561 Fax: + 86 10 6465 1984

Sino-German Policlinic Landmark Tower

Room B-1 8 North Dong San Huan Road Chao Yang District Beijing 100004 China
Tel: + 86 10 6590 0901 Fax: + 86 10 6680 6609

OASIS International hospital

9 Jiuxianqiao North Road Chaoyang District, Beijing China
Hours: Monday-Friday 08:30-17:30
Tel: 400 87 62747; +86 10 5985 0333 (24 hours)

APM’s Puhua International Hospital - Shuangjing

No. 54 Wusheng Bei Lu, Beijing 100022
24 Hour Patient Service Hotline: +86-10-5363-1264
Tel: +86-10-87735522 Fax: +86-10-87735006


Medical Insurance
Hospitals in China usually don't accept medical insurance. However, the hospitals which are on the BlueCross BlueShield's worldwide network providers accept United States and European medical insurances. The hospitals associated with the network in Beijing are Hong Kong Adventist Hospital, Beijing United Family Hospital, Beijing Friendship Hospital, International Medical Center in Beijing, and Peking Union Medical Center. The people are asked to post a deposit prior to admission which would cover the expected cost of treatment. The costs could be later recovered by the insurance.

Using Credit Cards in Hospitals
In major towns, one could use credit cards for payment. However, credit cards would not work in smaller cities.

Common Difficulties
Foreigners could face difficulties in Chinese hospitals due to cultural, language, and regulatory differences. Sometimes, the hospitals could refuse to give the foreign patients complete copies of their hospital medical records. The medication available could also be different from the medication used in your own country.

Medication in Rural Regions
You should expect only rudimentary medical facilities in rural areas. The medical personnel would be poorly trained and have insufficient medical equipment and medicines.