Today, Internet has become an integral part of our daily lives. We depend on the Internet to update ourselves about current news and rely on the communication platform it offers to get in touch with our near ones. So here is the information about how to access the internet in Beijing, China.

Free WIFI / Hotspot in Beijing

You can easily connect to internet in every Starbucks shop in Beijing. Nowadays, every local coffee shop provides free internet access (Some shops need Password, but you can ask it form frontdesk). Most Mcdonalds and KFC shops don't provide internet connection ( WIFI / Hotspot ), even in CBD area, well, they claimed that they have free Wireless connect service.

Home Internet Access in Beijing

The ADSL is available in Beijing for foreigners (You can ask your house owner for it, in fact don't need, you can apply it in China Union business lobby or China Telecom business lobby), the ADSL speeds is up to 10MB/s for personal use. Current rates for China Union 512K ADSL are 120RMB/month; 2M ADSL are 160RMB/month. Installations take less than 7 working days from application. The download speeds for foreign sites are not always the same, because of the GFW.

 2M ADSL were automatically upgraded to 10M (for free) in Beijing since 2013.

 10M FTTH were automatically upgraded to 20M (for free) in Beijing since December 2014.

 20M FTTH were automatically upgraded to 50M (for free) in Beijing from 16th May 2016.

FTTH (Fiber To The Home) is availble in new complexes, contact property management office for more information.

Mobile Internet Access in Beijing

3G is another option for you to connect the internet with your smart phone. China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom are providing 3G service in Beijing. You can use 2G SIM cards from above companies with your Iphone, but only China Unicom SIM card allow you to access internet with Iphone.

GPRS services are available in most parts of China, but not in remote areas. You can get GPRS on a monthly billed mobile phone or on a 6 month pre-paid card that can be used in a PCMCIA or USB GPRS modem. 3G services are not available in Beijing but are expected soon.

 The 1st 4G license was issued on 4th Dec 2013.

 China Mobile has 8.5 Million 4G users in Beijing till Sep 2015.

Beijing's Internet Access Providers

China Union, Broad Netcom, BGCTV, China Telecom, China Mobile are the main internet access providers in Beijing. We got the following fees in June 2016.

China Unicom

It is the biggest FTTH service provider in Beijing.

  • 50M/s package costs 1480 RMB per year in Dongcheng, Xicheng, Chaoyang, Haidian, Shijingshan, Fengtai District, while 1280 RMB per year in other districts of Beijing.
  • 100M/s package costs 1780 RMB for 1 year, it's available in all districts of Beijing.
China Mobile
  • 30M/s package costs 700 RMB for 1 years, 1100 RMB for 2 years
  • 50M/s package costs 1080 RMB for 1 years, 1600 RMB for 2 years
  • 55M/s package costs 1680 RMB for 2 years
Broad Netcom
  • 50M/s package costs 2016 RMB for 3 years
  • 70M/s package costs 1680 RMB for 2 years

Blocked Websites in Beijing

Here is the list of blocked websites, you will need to buy a VPN service before you can access these websites in China.

  • ( is reachable)

These websites as,,, are reachable in Beijing, If there is any other website was blocked, you are welcome to send us an email.