We have samples of Registration Form of Temporary Residence from various Chinese cities, these samples will show you exactly the file looks like. Here we tell more about how to get the Registration Form of Temporary Residence in China.
There are 3 ways to get the form for 3 different situations: Hotel, School Dormitory and Apartment.

Staying at school dormitory

If you are staying at school dormitory, the management office should register your details with the PSB automatically when you arrive, but still some schools failed to do that for various of reasons.

Required documents: Passport or Student Card

Staying at hotel

If you are staying at a hotel, the staff should register your details with the PSB automatically by computer when you arrive, but ask them to print it out for you.

Not all hotels in China are open to foreigners, though – some are for Chinese nationals only (非涉外旅馆). This varies enormously from area to area; all hotels in Beijing have been open to foreigners since 2006.

Required document: Passport

Staying at apartment

At the PSB, there may be a desk marked clearly for foreigners registering (though they may use the word “alien” to indicate your otherness). In areas where there foreigners are a rarity, you’ll likely just wait to be seen at a regular desk. All you should need to do is present your documents (see list below) and the police will complete a form for you to sign.

In some cases, the police may be more demanding. They may ask you to bring your landlord: If so, this may be because of a particular issue they wish to discuss with the landlord (which may be unrelated to you). You won’t really have any choice but to try to comply with them. 

Beijing Accommodation Registration FormBeijing Police Station issued Registration Form of Temporary Residence.

​Required documents:

  1. Valid passport containing current visa.
  2. Photocopy of passport picture and visa pages.
  3. A signed copy of your rental agreement/proof of housing (if registering your own place) or your friend’s Registration Form of Temporary Residence (if you’re staying at theirs).
  4. Alien Employment Permit book (if you have one).
  5. Your landlord/property manager/friend may also be required to come along to complete the process the first time around. 

If you’re staying at a friend’s place, the police may also ask for a “chopped” (stamped) letter from your friend’s management company.

  Regional requirements vary, in Beijing, different police stations may ask for different documents, so call your local police station to confirm.

Once that’s done, you’ll be issued a Registration Form of Temporary Residence – usually a flimsy bit of paper with your information printed on it - which is valid for the length of your current visa; alternatively they may give you a receipt while your application is processed – you should be able to use that to pass spot checks until they give you the read deal. And remember: once you have your Registration Form of Temporary Residence, don’t lose it or you’ll have to go back and get it all over again!

Beijing Accommodation Registration Form

The Accommodation Registration Form has been issued in Beijing since the end of 2015.

The current Accommodation Registration Form has the same effect as former Registration Form of Temporary Residence.