The following documents are required for China visa on arrival:

  • Visa Application Form, you can get it at the visa office or download it;
  • A recently-taken half-length, bare-headed, full-faced, two-inch photo with pale blue background;
  • Valid ordinary passport;
  • Papers supporting visa application for entry into or transfer through China.
    • In application for visa F, a letter or telegram from the organization authorized by Ministry of Foreign Affaires of P.R.C.;
    • In application for visa L for private purpose, the documents concerning emergency;
    • In application for visa L for a group trip in China, a certificate of reception from a Chinese international travel service or an approved Hong Kong/Macao travel agency and a list of tour group;
    • In application for visa G, a valid visa for entering the country (region) of destination, and a connecting ticket (air, train or boat ticket);
    • In application for visa C, an official letter from China civil aviation department or transportation administration.

Above document list is for reference, we suggest you to call the visa office located in the authorized Chinese city for details.

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If you are in non-emergency situation, we suggest you to apply for Chinese visa through Chinese consulate in your place, as the oversea issued (not Chinese border issued) China visa will allow you to get the following visas without leaving China.