According to the state-own news agency - Xinhuanet, 1576 foreigners got China Green Card in 2016.

Getting a China green card is a time consuming process, you may want to know what are the benefits of China green card?

We list some of the benefits below:

  • Long validity Foreigners without a Chinese green card need to renew their residence permit once a year. There are also limitations over the time duration and location they can stay within the PRC. In comparison, a Chinese green card for foreigners below 18 years of age is valid for five years and for those above 18, it is valid for 10 years. Because the Ministry of Public Security issues the card, it is valid throughout China.

  • Easy entry and exit With a passport and Chinese green card, one can go in and out of China freely without needing a visa, thus a green card saves time and expense needed to get a visa each time you travel through customs. A Chinese green card can also be used separately as a legal certificate to stay in Beijing.

  • Employment Expats without residency permits and who come to study in schools are not allowed by law to work in China without approval. However, there is no such employment regulation limiting foreigners with Chinese green cards. This means expats with a Chinese green card should be allowed to work freely and treated according to all Chinese labor laws.

  • Children's education Expats with a Chinese green card have the same rights and responsibilities (apart from the right to elect, be elected and serve military service) as Chinese citizens of the city they live in. Thus, if in Beijing, their children can go to kindergarten, primary and high schools without extra fees.
  • Most expats send their children to international schools in Beijing, it not looks like a benefit, but this option is there for you.

  • Professional status They can join the city's talent cultivation projects and apply for awards given to talents and experts. They can also take part in professional qualification tests and registration.


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